A virtual public meeting was held on November 26th to discuss the findings to date from Stantec.  Please CLICK HERE to view the presentation provided by Stantec.

One last reminder that the time to complete a survey for the Climate Change Adaptation Plan is running out.  If you haven’t yet taken the survey please check out the link below and share your thoughts with us.

As we mentioned earlier, the Village of Gagetown is conducting a Climate Change Adaptation Study with the help of Stantec Consulting.  Below is a survey the is open to anyone in the Village to complete.  We want to know what you feel is most important as we plan for the effects of climate change.

While the future climate is unpredictable, a well-developed and comprehensive plan can help us be safe and resilient, and focus efforts to reduce the negative effects of climate change. As part of the climate adaptation process, we are looking for community input on your experiences and concern in relation to climate change. A short survey has been developed to gather your input. The project will continue to the end of 2020 and we will communicate the results of the public survey as well as the recommendations of the climate change adaptation plan to the community as they become available. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

CLICK HERE to complete the survey.