Starting January 20, 2023, local 10-digit dialing will be introduced in New Brunswick. Residents will need to dial 10 digits – the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number – for all local calls.

Residents will need to add the 506 area code to programmed numbers in all of their communications devices and equipment (including phones, auto dialers, computers and lifeline equipment) and verify that their alarm systems are compatible with local 10-digit dialing. Companies that use numerous communications systems and devices should also take the necessary steps to update their equipment. All adjustments need to be completed before January 20, 2023.


New area code

Starting on April 29, 2023, the area code 428 will be added in New Brunswick and will coexist with the current 506 area code. Customers with telephone numbers with the 506 area code will retain their numbers. Numbers with the new 428 area code will only be assigned to customers when the existing inventory of 506 numbers is depleted.


The Telecommunications Alliance

Canada’s major communications service providers have joined forces to develop a communications campaign informing the public about the introduction of 10-digit dialing and new area codes in certain calling areas.  For more information, please visit