Contact Information
Address: Route 102 HMG
4690 Route 102
Queenstown, NB
E5M 2A2
Phone: 1-488-3235
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Route 102 Hand Made Goods has original ways to enhance your living/working environment, inspired by the natural textures and open space of the lower St. John River Valley.  We're a two person studio in Queenstown, New Brunswick, a lovely short drive south of the Village on Route 102.  We produce metal and cast clocks, mirrors, sconces, recycled copper and stainless steel jewellery, handmade paper goods, including switchplate covers, art cards and papier mache bowls.  Visit our shop in Queenstown during the summer months, or find us at the Boyce Famers' Market in Fredericton every Saturday morning.

Cyndi Britain and Michael McQuay